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Important Announcement: Return to Church Plans

Naringal Baptist Church is pleased to announce that we will be returning to physical church on Sunday the 29th November 2020 thanks to easing restrictions. As we can now meet indoors in groups of 150 we will be running 1 service at the normal time of 10:30am. As you can imagine, the service will look and feel a little different from what we were used to pre-Covid. Of course, nothing will change the fact that we are there to worship God, learn more about Him and fellowship with fellow believers. 


Some protocols to follow include:

* You must ensure that you register for each service. You can do this HERE. This link will also be emailed each week to registered email addresses and will be available right up until the service begins each Sunday morning. If you know of anyone who will be unable to register this way for whatever reason, feel free to contact them and ask if they would like you to register them. After clicking on the above link you will see that you will need to put in how many seats you want to reserve. Put the desired number of people you are registering in the box and then type in their names and a contact phone number. After you register you should receive a confirmation email. If you have any troubles with this process please email Matt at [email protected].

* Upon arriving for the service you will be greeted at the door, your name/s ticked off on the guest list and you will be asked to sanitise before entering the building. You will see chairs spaced out in the main auditorium where you can sit. If you are coming with other family members (or members of your household) you can move chairs next to eachother.

* Masks are required for those over 12yrs of age while inside. 

* Coffees will be available after the service in disposable cups. No shared morning tea is allowed at this stage. 

* A 90 minute time restriction for religious gatherings is in place which we will need to adhere to. As a result, we will need to vacate the building by midday. People are welcome to continue to fellowship outside after this time. This presents a great opportunity to invite others home for lunch or go out for lunch and support a local cafe or restaurant.

* Church-in-a-bag will be in operation for the kids for the first week. 

*The digital services will continue to be provided in a slightly different format. The sermon delivered on Sunday will be video recorded and uploaded to the website Sunday afternoon.


If you have any questions about returning to church, please dont hesitate to contact Matt Jellie or email [email protected].

Can't wait to see you in person on Sunday!